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      Justin & Mandy Slaven


             DeGraff, Ohio


 Bergamascos' KY6184-1313 Durham

         (KY6184-1313, #12429)


 Beacon House Farm KY6881-0020 Sol

         (KY6881-0020, 14699)

                   "Little Bear"

 Beacon House Farm KY6881-0031

         (KY6881-0031, #16302)

Buckeye Babdolls is extremely excited to announce the arrival of the Olde English Babydoll Southdown breeding rams of "My Little Sheep" farm, from Kristin Snodgrass (and family), in southwestern Missouri. We are completely honored that Kristin has allowed us to continue and carry on, the many years of hard work that she has spent building the foundation of her breeding program. We have always been extremely impressed with her lambs, and her hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed by us, or the many other breeders with her genetics that continue to produce in their breeding programs, throughout the United States. We are truly honored to be allowed to carry on the legacy, and are super excited to welcome the rams of "My Little Sheep". We are looking forward to our next lambing season, and the many years to come!


 My LIttle Sheep 172 RR Gibbons (MO5497-0736)

                   (OE# , NABSSAR #11457)


 My Little Sheep 470 Watson (MO5497-0738)

                  (OE#   , NABSSAR #12905)


 Fuller 0994 RR Huldrych (MO5497-0737)

                   (OE# , NABSSAR #11154)


            Prairie Creek Acres 120 Duncan 

                   (OE#17945 , NABSSAR #16595)


            Prairie Creek Acres 127 Archie 

                   (OE#17952 , NABSSAR #16594)

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DeGraff, OH

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