Buckeye Babydolls

Babydoll Southdown Sheep

DeGraff, Ohio

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      Justin & Mandy Slaven


             DeGraff, Ohio


 My Little Sheep 416 Zoe

 (MO5497-0416, #12488)


 My Little Sheep 418 Harmony

      (MO5497-0418, #12485)


 Rostraver Farms PA3510-0126 Patty 14234 OE

                     (PA3510-0125, #14530)


 Beacon House KY6881-0001 Luna

          (KY6881-0001, #14467)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-1656 Brading

            (KY6184-1656, #14671)


 Beacon House KY6881-0030 Fortuna

             (KY6881-0030, #14468)


 Beacon House KY6881-0012 Venus

            (KY6881-0012, #14702)


 Beacon House KY6881-0018 Athena

            (KY6881-0018, #14700)


  My Little Sheep 429 Iris

 (MO5497-0429, #12486)


 Beacon House KY6881-0029 Sally

            (KY6881-0029, #16304)


 Beacon House KY6881-0033 Naomi

            (KY6881-0033, #16305)


 Beacon House KY6881-0028 Maude

            (KY6881-0028, #16303)


 Buckeye Babydolls OH6786-5005 Charlotte

            (OH6786-5005, #18057)


 Buckeye Babydolls OH6786-5006 Ethel 

          (OH6786-5006, #18058)


 Bergamascos' MIE8707-102 Beachy

   (KY6184-1435-18092, #11778)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-1765 Linley

        (KY6184-1765, #15849)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-1416 Ashling

            (KY6184-1416, #12979)


My Little Sheep 692 Kristin

            (MO5497-0692, #17034)



       (MD2053-0094, #15416)


 Sheep Cloud Farm VA08267-59 Charlotte

            (VA08267-59, #18450)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-18091 Chailey

            (KY6184-18091, #17263)



      (MD2053-0096, #15415)


 Sheep Cloud Farm KY6184-18093 Sophie

         (KY6184-18093, #18451)

Indian Creek Farms

DeGraff, OH

Buckeye Babydolls
Duel Registered Babydoll Southdown Sheep


 Stark Ridge Farm KY9024-17503 Daphne

         (KY9024-17503, #16630)


 Cordova Ridge KY5678-0053 JaeJae

            (KY5678-0053, #14703)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-20120 Thankful

            (KY6184-20120, #19961)


 Sheep Cloud Farm VA08267-20 Harleigh

             (VA08267-20, #18452)


 Chance GA1390-00005 Carlisle

         (GA1390-00005, #15925)


Blader WI4490-0003 Beacon

         (WI4490-0003, #13148)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-20137 Margo

         (KY6184-20137, #19973)


Bergamascos' KY6184-20136 Sydney

         (KY6184-20136, #19972)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-20131 Delaney

            (KY6184-20131, #19968)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-20124 Azzie

            (KY6184-20124, #19964)


 Bergamascos' KY6184-20123 Dulci

            (KY6184-20123, #19963)


Bergamascos' KY6184-20126 Bristol

         (KY6184-20126, #19965)

We have been very fortunate in being given the opportunity to, expand our flock. We want to give a special "Thank You", to Michelle Schubert & "Farmboy" (Tom) of "Bergamascos' Babydoll BrigadeĀ®", in Kentucky. We are honored and super excited that when Michelle made the difficult decision to rehome her flock, she chose to home her girls, with us! Raising Babydoll Sheep has always been a pure joy, to our family, and we are just incredibly fortunate to continue to grow and wake up to these smiling faces, each day!! Each one is a treasure & we look forward to continuing on with this wonderful journey, year after year. We are dedicated to the breed and look forward to continuing to build and preserve these lines that those before us have worked so hard to produce and perfect!! We welcome the addition to our flock and are proud that they now call Buckeye Babydolls home!!

Buckeye Babydoll Ewes: